Diphtheria: NPHCDA tasks parents to make children available for vaccination


Dr. Faisal Shu’aibu, the Executive Director of the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA), called on parents to make it their duty to take their children for vaccination against diphtheria and other diseases.

Shu’aibu made the call on Monday in Potiskum Local Government Area of Yobe State.

“It is not acceptable that with the resources we have, the kind of capacity that we have in Nigeria, we are still struggling with diseases like diphtheria which are diseases of ancient times,” he said.

“Once vaccines are available and we improve on our environmental and personal hygiene, such diseases should not be occurring.”

He said the aim of his delegation’s visit to Yobe was to see how the diphtheria outbreak was being managed in the state.

“We are here as part of the federal government (FG) delegation, as Diphtheria Emergency Task Team. To come and see for ourselves how the response for the diphtheria outbreak is being managed here in Yobe.

“And to see how all of the resources sent by the FG and the state government are being channeled towards making sure that Nigerians that have been affected by this disease are being managed and getting quality healthcare,” he added.

While he expressed satisfaction with what he had seen in the state, Shu’aibu said there was room for improvement.

“So far we have seen how the state government has set up an Incident Management System, they have an Incident Manager, a leadership, and other consultants.

“We have however noted that there is a lot to be done in terms of providing intensive care units,” he observed.

Speaking, Dr. Babagana Machina, the Executive Secretary of the Yobe State Primary Healthcare Management Board, commended the FG for providing effective mechanisms to address diphtheria and other diseases.

However, Machina appealed to the FG to bring more vaccines and deploy more consultants to Yobe State.

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