NEDC Management Board Inspect Buni Yadi Mega School, Housing Other Projects in Yobe


NEDC Management Board Inspect Buni Yadi Mega School, Housing Other Projects in Yobe

Buni Yadi, Yobe State – The newly inaugurated Board and Management of the North-East Development Commission (NEDC) embarked on a state tour and familiarization visit to Yobe State, led by the Commission’s Chairman, Major General Paul Tarfa (Rtd).

The visit aimed to assess the progress of the ongoing construction of a model mega school and 50 housing units in the town of Buni Yadi.

Buni Yadi, the Local Government headquarters, had been severely affected by insurgent activities in Yobe State.

The NEDC, in its efforts to rebuild and revitalize the region, initiated the construction of key infrastructure projects to uplift the community.

During the visit, the NEDC team meticulously inspected the two major projects situated in Buni Yadi and Buni Gari. After a thorough assessment, the Board and Management expressed satisfaction with the level and quality of work accomplished thus far.

The projects were deemed to be progressing well, meeting the established standards and specifications.

General Tarfa, Chairman of the NEDC, commended the NEDC team, consultants, and contractors for their commitment and dedication to the projects.

He encouraged them to maintain their momentum and emphasized the importance of completing the projects on schedule.

Tarfa emphasized that the completion of the mega school and housing units would significantly contribute to the development, peace, and progress of Buni Yadi and the wider region.

The NEDC’s initiatives in Buni Yadi reflect their overarching mission of “Winning Together” and promoting development, peace, and progress in the North-East region.

By investing in crucial infrastructure projects, such as the mega school and housing units, the commission aims to provide the local community with improved educational facilities and housing options, fostering a sense of stability and growth.

The visit to Buni Yadi by the NEDC Board and Management serves as a testament to the commission’s commitment to the region’s recovery and revitalization.

With the projects progressing well, the NEDC remains focused on its mandate to create sustainable development, restore peace, and advance progress in the North-East of Nigeria.

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