Cop28 Faces Controversy and Climate Action Dilemma


The 28th annual UN climate conference, Cop28, is set to begin in Dubai amid a global climate crisis. With extreme weather events causing devastation worldwide, the conference aims to create a plan for a faster transition away from fossil fuels.

However, the summit has already been marred by controversy due to the appointment of the chief executive of Adnoc, the national oil company, as the president of Cop28.

Activists, campaign groups, and politicians have criticized the appointment, citing a significant conflict of interest. Concerns have been raised about the host country, the United Arab Emirates, being a major oil and gas producer. Critics argue that this conflicts with the conference’s goal of addressing climate change effectively.

The controversy escalated when the Cop28 president made false claims about fossil fuels and their impact on the economy. He suggested that phasing out fossil fuels could harm economic growth and even take the world backward.

However, leading experts and the scientific community contradicted these claims, emphasizing the urgent need to transition away from coal, gas, and oil.

Studies have shown that the transition to net-zero emissions could have immense benefits, including economic growth, job creation, and poverty reduction. Countries like Britain and Finland have already made significant progress in reducing carbon emissions while experiencing economic growth.

Experts argue that there is a vast potential for a green economy that could benefit the world in multiple ways.

While a sudden stop to oil and gas consumption would be disastrous, experts suggest focusing on reducing short-lived climate pollutants like methane, which can yield rapid results. The United Nations acknowledges the availability of solutions to mitigate climate change and highlights the importance of taking immediate action.

As Cop28 begins, representatives from over 200 countries have gather in Dubai to discuss measures to combat climate change and track progress on greenhouse gas emissions cuts. However, the controversy surrounding the conference’s president and the host country’s oil interests poses a dilemma for the delegates, as they strive to address the urgent climate crisis and work towards a sustainable future.

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