Don Sounds Alarm on Impending Lecturer Gap, Proposes Solutions


Dr. Muhammad Musa Lawan, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Academic Services, Yobe State University shaded light on the critical issue of lecturer shortage plaguing Nigerian universities and posed possible solutions.

Lawan make the comments in an interview with our Correspondent on Thursday in Damaturu.

He said addressing the lecturer shortage required multi-pronged approach, encompassing policy adjustments, strategic growth, and fostering a culture of academic commitment.

He affirmed that some lecturers indeed seek greener pastures abroad, but the extent is often exaggerated.

He however said observed that discontinuation of automatic absorption for first-class graduates and stringent promotion criteria were some of the driving factors.

Lawan said establishing new universities, facilities and programmes without adequate manpower created staffing vacuums.

He added that rigidity in the system also impeded seamless transfer of lecturers from universities with excess to those facing shortages.

Dr. Lawan, however proposed solutions to include revisiting first-class graduate absorption policy to allow them to grow within the system, to address future staffing needs.

He advised prioritising and developing existing universities, faculties and programmes before establishing new ones.

He also advised government to make policies to facilitate seamless lecturer transfer from universities with excess to those in need.

He criticised the approach of some lecturers, prioritizing monetary gains by moving between universities, urging them to focus on quality education within a stable institution.

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