Lafiya UK Programme Expands Reach to Five Additional Yobe LGAs


The Palladium-Lafiya Programme, in its ongoing mission to empower communities and enhance healthcare access, has expanded its Ethical Health Financing (EHF) initiative to five additional Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Yobe state.

The programme, which promotes community-based healthcare financing, aims to improve the quality and affordability of healthcare services for community members.

It aims to bridge the gap in healthcare financing and ensure that quality and affordable healthcare services are accessible to all community members, particularly the vulnerable populations.

The EHF programme was rolled out in September, 2022 targeting 3 focus LGAs of Damaturu, Fune and Jakusko. It was later scaled up with the addition of 3 LGAs of Fika, Nangere and Potiskum in the month of November, 2023.

Today’s workshop onboard 5 new LGAs of Bade, Gulani, Tarmuwa, Yunusari and Yusufari. This makes the programme currently operating in 11 LGAs of Yobe State with 12 Institution.

The EHF concept, developed through extensive consultations with national, state, community, and religious stakeholders, harnesses traditional community values, religious philanthropy, and self-help to address the challenge of healthcare funding.

By tapping into existing local resources and cultural practices, the EHF initiative promotes a sense of ownership, transparency, and sustainability.

During the workshop, participants were provided with an overview of the Community-Based Ethical Health Financing Institution, emphasizing its potential to strengthen healthcare financing systems at the community level.

The expansion of the EHF initiative to these new LGAs reflects the Palladium-Lafiya Programme’s commitment to aligning its support with state priorities and working through government systems and institutions.

With the establishment of community-based EHF institutions in the newly onboarded LGAs, community members will have a platform to contribute resources and actively participate in the improvement of healthcare services.

This community-led approach fosters a sense of empowerment and ownership, strengthening the overall healthcare ecosystem.

Through the institutionalization of Zakat and Waqf Islamic social finance systems, as well as Christian endowment funds, the EHF initiative ensures that diverse religious and cultural practices are respected and utilized to benefit the communities.

These systems, deeply rooted in the traditions of the communities, offer a sustainable and transparent framework for healthcare financing.

As the Palladium-Lafiya Programme continues to work closely with the newly onboarded LGAs, it is expected that the community-based EHF institutions will develop and thrive, contributing to the overall health and well-being of the communities.

The program remains committed to supporting the LGAs in their journey towards sustainable and equitable healthcare for all.

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