Yobe University Fire Displaces 195 Female Students, VC Vows Action


A fire incident at the Yobe State University female student hostel has left 195 students displaced and without their belongings. Thankfully, all students were safely evacuated, with only five requiring medical attention for smoke inhalation.

Vice Chancellor Professor Mala Muhammad Daura expressed his dismay at the incident during a press briefing on Friday in Damaturu following a recent fire outbreak at a female student hostel.

He confirmed that no students were injured, but highlighted the loss of personal belongings as a significant impact.

“We are grateful that all students are safe,” said Professor Daura. “However, we understand the immense loss these young women have suffered. We are committed to supporting them during this difficult time.”

He the university had provided temporary housing for the affected students on campus.

An investigation committee had also been formed to determine the cause of the fire and implement measures to prevent similar incidents in the future, he added.

Professor Daura commended the Yobe State government and other kind donors for their support in assisting the displaced students.

He also appealed to the state government to invest in renovating the student hostel to ensure the safety and well-being of residents.

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