Military Denies Coup Plot Rumors, Calls for Action Against Publisher


Nigeria’s Defence Headquarters has dismissed reports claiming the presidential guards are on high alert due to a suspected coup plot, calling the accusation “malicious and unfounded.”

The statement, issued on Monday by Acting Director of Defence Information Tukur Gusau, emphasized that the Guards Brigade maintains a heightened state of readiness as part of its regular duties, and there is no truth to rumors of a military takeover.

“The Defence Headquarters strongly condemns this unsubstantiated assertion, which is a mere figment of the publisher’s imagination,” Gusau said, urging the public to disregard the reports.

The statement further revealed that the Defence Headquarters has called on relevant security agencies to investigate the source of the publication and take appropriate action against the publisher.

Gusau accused the publisher of having “an ulterior motive of creating unnecessary tension” in the country and added that the Defence Headquarters plans to pursue “legal redress” against the individual or entity responsible.

The statement reiterated the Nigerian military’s commitment to upholding democracy, echoing previous affirmations by Chief of Defence Staff Christopher Musa.

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