SCI Calls for Increased Support for Women and Girls in Nigeria


Save the Children, a leading international child rights organization, is urging the Nigerian government to prioritize investments in women and girls.

Duncan Harvey, Country Director for Save the Children Nigeria, highlighted the critical role women play in society and the need for comprehensive support programs.

“Save the Children is committed to empowering women and girls across Nigeria.

“In the past two years, we’ve directly or indirectly reached over 4 million women with initiatives in education, nutrition, social security, and economic empowerment.

“These efforts are closing the gender gap and fostering a more inclusive society,” said Harvey.

The report emphasized the urgency of implementing social protection programs that elevate the living standards of women and girls.

Save the Children advocates for a multifaceted approach that includes: Increased government investment in women, along with their active participation in decision-making processes; Unrestricted access to quality healthcare, including maternal health services, family planning, and nutrition programs and Increased investment in girls’ education, which benefits individuals and contributes to poverty reduction and development.

The report also calls for: Gender-responsive budgeting and implementation strategies to ensure equitable resource allocation for women and Updated policies and reforms to address child marriage, including consistent budgeting and a costing framework for African Union member states.

Save the Children, with a presence in over 120 countries, has a long history of improving the lives of children.

Their mission in Nigeria, and globally, is to provide children with a healthy start, access to education, and protection from harm.

They also believe that every child deserves a future and work tirelessly to ensure that future is secure.

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