Yobe Govt Supplies 3,000 Metric Tons of Fertilizer for Irrigation Farming


Yobe Govt Supplies 3,000 Metric Tons of Fertilizer for Irrigation Farming

The Yobe government has recently announced the provision of 3,000 metric tons of fertilizer to support irrigation farming in the state.

In an interview with our correspondent on Friday in Damaturu, the Commissioner for Agriculture, Alhaji Ali Mustapha, shared the details of this initiative.

“We have supplied NPK fertilizer 1515, which includes essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, along with other agrochemicals necessary for crop development,” explained Mustapha.

He further stated that the distribution of the fertilizer, totaling 3,000 metric tons, covered various local government areas such as Bursari, Bade, Jakusko, Fika, Gulani, and parts of Geidam. The beneficiaries primarily consisted of small-scale farmers and some large-scale farmers operating near the Yobe River.

According to the commissioner, this initiative was introduced by Governor Mai Mala Buni to provide essential materials specifically for irrigation farming in the designated areas.

Addressing the issue of post-harvest losses among farmers in the state, Mustapha emphasized that insect pests were a major challenge affecting agricultural productivity.

“The pests are often developed in the fields and subsequently infest the storage facilities, causing significant damage to the stored products,” he explained.

To combat this problem, the government has taken several measures. Mustapha highlighted the provision of insecticide-resistant bags to farmers, along with an advocacy policy aimed at educating them about the risks associated with insect pests.

Additionally, the government has implemented precautionary and control measures to mitigate post-harvest losses.

The commissioner emphasized the extensive extension work carried out across the local government areas, coupled with the provision of airtight storage facilities, as crucial steps taken to support farmers in preventing post-harvest losses.

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