Yobe Gov Meets With Traditional Leaders, Health Partners to Discuss Primary Healthcare Services


The governor of Yobe state met with traditional leaders and health partners to talk about how to improve healthcare in the state.

They talked about how well the state is doing in providing healthcare, especially for mothers and children. They also talked about how to improve immunization rates.

The governor said that his administration has done a lot to improve healthcare in the state, such as building new health facilities and hiring more healthcare workers.

He also said that he is committed to continuing to improve healthcare in the state.

The health partners commended the governor for the progress that has been made, but they also said that there is still room for improvement.

They urged the governor to focus on improving immunization rates and making sure that everyone has access to healthcare.

The governor thanked the health partners for their support and said that he would continue to work with them to improve healthcare in Yobe state.

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