Customs Officer Killed as Boko Haram Launches Attack on Yobe Customs Office


Customs Officer Killed as Boko Haram Launches Attack on Yobe Customs Office

In a tragic incident, a Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) office in Geidam town, Geidam Local Government Area (LGA), Yobe State, fell victim to an assault by suspected Boko Haram insurgents, resulting in the loss of one dedicated operative, Usman Gombe.

Under the cover of darkness, around 10:00 pm on Saturday, the insurgents brazenly targeted the Customs office situated along Maine Soroa Road. Arriving in a Volkswagen Golf and a Land Rover, they swiftly launched a hail of gunfire.

Caught off guard, the officers on duty were forced into a state of panic, desperately seeking refuge. Some managed to escape through the gate, while others resorted to scaling the fence.

Tragically, amidst the chaos, Officer Usman Gombe was fatally shot while attempting to climb the fence, leaving his colleagues devastated by the loss.

The assailants also resorted to further destruction, setting ablaze a Customs patrol van, a generator, and parts of the office building, leaving a trail of devastation in their wake.

Regrettably, this incident marks the second occasion on which Boko Haram insurgents have claimed the lives of Customs officers in Geidam.

Last month, the insurgents abducted Officer Babalola and his junior counterpart, eventually leading to their untimely deaths.

Residents of the town have voiced deep concern regarding the escalating activities of Boko Haram insurgents on the outskirts of Geidam.

They assert that the insurgents impose unlawful taxes on farmers and herdsmen merely a few kilometers from the town, lamenting the seemingly inadequate response from security forces.

Allegations have also emerged that security operatives have shifted their focus inward, relocating more than 17 checkpoints within the town. Traders, unfortunately, claim to have fallen victim to extortion by these very officers who are supposed to protect them.

Despite attempts to obtain a comment from the Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Dungus Abdulkarim, these efforts proved futile, leaving the public without an official statement on the matter.

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