Yobe’s YEMABUS: A Beacon of Hope in Health Emergencies


In a move to revolutionize healthcare delivery in Yobe State, Governor Mai Mala Buni established the Yobe State Emergency Medical Ambulance Services Agency (YEMABUS) in May 2023.

Since its inception, YEMABUS has emerged as a lifeline for residents, providing prompt and efficient medical assistance during emergencies.

Recently, the Executive Secretary of YEMABUS, Abdullahi Ali Danchuwa, paid a courtesy visit to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Information and Culture.

During the visit, Danchuwa highlighted the agency’s remarkable achievements, including responding to a staggering 76 health and health-related distress calls within a short span of time.

YEMABUS’s fleet of well-equipped ambulances and team of highly trained medics have proven to be a formidable force in addressing medical emergencies.

They have successfully responded to a wide range of critical situations, including medical, pediatric, obstetric, and gynecological emergencies.

Danchuwa’s passionate account of YEMABUS’s life-saving work underscores the agency’s pivotal role in strengthening Yobe’s healthcare system.

Governor Buni’s vision in establishing YEMABUS has undoubtedly transformed the state’s emergency response capabilities.

As YEMABUS continues to expand its reach, it is crucial for the public to understand the importance of utilizing the service responsibly.

The agency’s toll-free number is currently under development, but in the meantime, residents can reach YEMABUS by calling 097000731.

To ensure seamless communication and coordination during emergencies, the public is urged to only report genuine cases that require YEMABUS’s attention.

Additionally, keeping phone lines open is essential to facilitate timely and effective response.

With YEMABUS at the forefront, Yobe State is well-positioned to tackle health emergencies and safeguard the well-being of its citizens.

The agency’s dedication to providing prompt and compassionate care is a testament to Governor Buni’s commitment to improving healthcare services in the state.

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